Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe and predictable way to enhance your smile. Quite often, it’s used independently or alongside other cosmetic procedures. With our take-home professional system, you can enjoy perks like

  • Whitening your teeth at a time that suits your schedule
  • Better control over tooth sensitivity
  • The ability to easily top off for upcoming events
  • Trays that last for years (simply purchase gel refills when needed)

How Professional Whitening Kits Work

We’ll take a set of moulds of your teeth to fit your smile with a custom pair of whitening trays. When they’re ready, we’ll give you specific instructions on how to apply the gel and wear your kit at home. Usually, it’s for about an hour a day. If you have sensitive teeth you may prefer to whiten less frequently or apply sensitivity toothpaste between applications.

The ingredients in the gel safely oxidise stain particles, lifting discolouration from your enamel. Professional whitening gel is safe for deep stains caused by foods and drinks as well as natural tooth discolouration.

Used as directed, a home whitening system can provide drastic results in 2-4 weeks. Much of it will depend on your diet, as dark liquids—such as tea, coffee, or red wine—may delay treatment. If for any reason you need to top off at home and are out of gel, you can purchase a refill from us as needed. There’s no need to re-make the moulds.


Our dentist will examine and take x-rays of your teeth to make sure you are a good candidate for whitening. With whitening, only the pigments in the enamel of the teeth are whitened. Fillings and crowns do not whiten with bleaching .

The root canal treatment aims is to save a tooth that has been decayed, diseased or injured. In this procedure, the dead tissue is removed from the canal, and tooth is cleaned with medicaments and shaped. After that the canals are filled with biocompatible material. In Most instances crowning of tooth is required after root canal treatment. In cases, where root canal treatment may not be appropriate, extraction may be the best option.

With the advent of modern digital radiographic techniques and high speed films ,which has dramatically reduced the exposure times so much so that an average dental x-ray is as harmful as one hour flight.

When your baby does not have teeth yet, you should wipe his/her gums with wet warm clean cloth after every feed. Once baby gets her first teeth, make sure you clean them after feed with a warm wet cloth and also do make sure that baby is not sleeping with a bottle in mouth. Your toddler should follow routine tooth brushing regimen as rest of the family but making sure to put just a smear of toothpaste. You may choose to use milk teeth toothpaste, which contains less fluoride until the first permanent teeth start erupting, but regular toothpaste can also be used if right amount is used.